AZ-900: Preparation tips and exam experience

As provided in the official website of the exam.

About the exam

  • A completely clean desk with only my laptop and the charger
  • Stable internet connection
  • A quiet room with a solid, closed door. They don’t seem to mind your furniture as long as there are no other electronics present (beside your phone) or notebooks laying around. For more detailed info, you can also check out this review.

Time and Resources

  • PluralSight course (I took advantage of the April free month, but Plural sight has a couple of free courses each week; also a 10 day trial is available which should be enough to watch their AZ-900 learning path)
  • A free alternative to the PluralSight course that matches the exam objectives, could be the one offered by Coursera, who teamed up with Microsoft as part of the Universal Digital Skilling campaign.
  • Downloading the Pearson Vue software
  • Taking photos of your workspace and ID
  • Waiting for the proctor to approve
  • Search %appdata% in your File explorer path field and delete the OnVue folder
  • Take a screenshot before you install the software so that you can revert some of the Firewall settings it may have adjusted and
  • Delete their firewall rules




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